Community Spotlight – Point S Tire, Sumner WA

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No matter the state of the world it is important to provide care and kindness to your community. Point S Tire & Auto Service in Sumner, WA not only provides quality service to their customers, but they genuinely care for their community.

Dan Greene (pictured), Assistant Manager at Point S Tire & Auto Service, knows the impact of small gestures. He can often be found checking on the condition of this community member’s equipment. Something as small as ensuring full tires makes life that much easier as she gets around the town.

Kindness and caring can be difficult to come by during uncertain times. Life is difficult and complicated normally, the added impact of our new normal causes a greater sense of stress and confusion as we try to navigate our place in this new world. It is little moments of kindness from strangers, buying the coffee for the person behind you, donating what you can where you can, kind words, complements and acknowledgement, that bring glimpses of hope in darkness.

It’s people like Dan and his team that make our communities stronger. Being kind simply because it’s the right thing makes the world, and our communities, a little bit better.


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