Philosophy and Ideology

You get out what you put in.

We invest in our communities through people. Applying resources to improve and contribute where possible. Every community is made up of wonderful people who also care about their community and would like to contribute. Most don't realize just how important their business is to their community. Behind every business is passion and desire to do well. Success for a business are happy customers. Happy customers are happier members of our communities. We believe investing in businesses supports communal growth.


What are people working on?

Many businesses decide to invest or contribute in what interests their organization. What interests us is our communities and investing in what the members of our communities are interested in is what we invest in.

We work with many partnering businesses around the world that are working hard to improve their communities and we simply contribute our resources to support their already started efforts to provide a combined effort.

Community First

Dazmii proudly supports with churches and religious groups as they're interested in building and supporting our communities. Dazmii has no office stance on religion or beliefs and is interested in working with members of communities for the sole purpose of improving communities.

If an outfit, organization, or situation does not positively serve a community Dazmii will no longer offer resources for support.


When businesses do well they offer better products and services to our communities. Members of communities receive a relationship with service providers and receive the communal experience they were expecting.


Communities are starving for connection with businesses. Giant companies have provided left consumers cold and alone. They get little reward for purchasing products. When they can buy their products from another provider they're willing to pay up to 10x a much because they way that business connection. Grass-Roots Marketing is taking of more than ever before because people are looking for that strong connection with products and services.



Quality requires effective repetition to deliver quality every time. Focus on doing it right then focus on speed. Knowing how is a large part of the overall success. Businesses fail within their first 5 years because they don't have good support or team. They go alone. Dazmii is about business growth which requires us to provide the necessary training for businesses to succeed. Showing businesses what they need to do to accomplish success.


Business don't need to do it alone. Support can come in many different forms. Outsourcing tasking is a great opportunity to provide support for businesses. Businesses don't always have all the resources and doing it alone is not an option if the desired goal is success.


Always be learning. The world never stops, sleeps, and is constantly changing. A sound continuous improvement strategy includes continued education. We provide sources and resources for continued development to ensure additional business success.


In addition to coaching and education we understand that sometimes you just need direction. We provide connection from one business to another through experience and relationships. There's no need to do it alone and many businesses want to help other businesses. We provide quality consulting to ensure business success.

Give Back

Pay it forward

Many businesses have been where another business has been previously.  Passing on the knowledge and support to another business is a form of nostalgia and can significantly improve the speed in which businesses can become successful.

Without the businesses we support we would not have a business. We repeat the process of investing and building new and business growth to continue the cycle of improvements. Businesses often don't want to ask for help but it's more important that they succeed.

The support, knowledge, and information that was provided is provided back through the very people who helped make our communities possible.