Dazmii is a unified team of professionals who's centric goal is to focus on the development of others and ourselves. We believe that for us to benefit from a collaboration of efforts you must give before you can receive or even ask to receive. Leading by example we inspire ourselves to inspire others to be more of who they already are through support, leadership, education, commitment, and motivation.

We are parents, siblings, friends, and family members of your community looking to do great things with our skills, efforts, passion, compassion, and heart.

Each one of us has a requirement to full-fill a sense of purpose. The result of our product is to contribute and embrace our sense of purpose to encourage humanity and help community.

Power of Many

While we're not taking on everything we do want to be at the heart of passion in many different areas. We chose to invest into business growth and development because that is where we found the most potential and the biggest need.

When a person decides to venture out on their own to build their own business we focus on why an individual initial decides to do something like that. Some reasons why are they believe in themselves, they can do it better, they have something to offer, they're smart, they're passionate, and they're willing. Each of these are great characteristics to a quality individual. Our communities need more quality individuals and quality comes from quality. We have found that by investing in quality people we get quality people which result in quality communities. Quality communities means a better place to live for all. More opportunities, benefits, and quality of life.

We have a few different ventures that have been strategically chosen to have an impact. We could not succeed with just one area of business or one offering. While we have a few different areas that are very specific they've been chosen based on our skills, passion, ability, and it's effectiveness with our vision.


Marketing was taken on because businesses that were starting out were being taken advantage of by marketing agencies through lack of training. While we don't believe agencies intentionally were trying to take advantage it's just a result of the situation. New business owners have no idea what they're doing. Know they need to invest into marketing. Invest, see no results, and then they fold. They fold because there's no quality coach, consulting, or team. Our marketing efforts are very connected with business consulting. We chose this path because businesses do need quality marketing efforts to build their business and need those marketing efforts to actually deliver results. We guarantee our results because we need your business to succeed with marketing. If your business does not succeed we all lose.

Business Consulting

How to run a business is very impactful in the overall success of the business. Sure a business can increase business with quality marketing but it still isn't enough. If your business is not capable of producing adequate profit it becomes what we've heard as a Zombie business. It's basically dead but keeps moving forward. One dip and it's all over. This happens often to businesses and it is a large reason why they fail. There's a delicate balance of building the business internally and bringing in new business. These are two forms of growth and both are equally important. With us you get a cohesive approach where we focus on your business's growth as a whole by having both marketing and consulting.


This is how we measure up and give back. We see if our efforts are having a positive impact by ensuring our communities are positively affected. We have a complete team of individuals who do nothing but make sure communities are receiving support, education, and resources to be the best community they can be.

All our affiliates and support programs are completely around community. Each area of support that's provided is required to meet the requirement of do they positively impact our communities. If they do not positively impact our communities they will not be an affiliate nor receive support from Dazmii.

Dazmii does not require that we only support organizations that are non-profit. An organization can be in the business of profit while still having a positive impact on their communities. Dazmii for example is a